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Portrait sketch! #portrait #sketch #drawing #artistworkout #woman #girl #face #eyes #pencil

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Sometimes there are no words

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I love Abigail Larson’s work so much. 

Persephone & Hades by Abigail Larson


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Illustrations by Sieskja Albertine 

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I feel your pain. I was about to sleep but then I checked the polls and I saw those numbers and I was like "WELP TIME TO USE BAGPIPES TO STAY AWAKE I SUPPOSE"

Bring out the bagpipes and the haggis! It couldn’t be any closer!! Ahhh!

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Raoul loves chocolate and tries to hide it "because it's not manly", but Christine finds his secret chocolate stash. Under his pillow. With his diary. And a teddy bear.




Raoul sleeps with like 20 stuffed animals tbh

they protect him from the night monsters

No but imagine Raoul literally filling his bedroom with stuffed animals (his own, Philippe’s and his sisters’) to protect him against Erik.


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Part of the Black Lodge series. Thanks to Cally-Jo for modelling. ( @callyjoart on IG )


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